One thing you might want to do is ask for people to enter their Phone Number so you can send them a Text or Voice message.

One of the more popular Apps for this available in the Zapier Directory is Twilio.

To get started with this you will need to open a Twilio Account. We provided a link for this below.

It is free to signup and they give you some free credit, but the free account does have some limitations.

In order for this to work you may need to upgrade to a paid account. To do that all you need to do is put a form of payment on file and a $20 deposit which will be used towards any charges you incur.

The next few slides will walk you through the initial signup process.





Opening a Twilio Account





Opening a Twilio Account





Opening a Twilio Account





Opening a Twilio Account





Opening a Twilio Account





Linking Twilio to Zapier

Just like you did with VAP you will need to add in and integrate your Twilio Account into Zapier. Log into your Zapier Account and follow these steps. 




Creating a Zap

You should already have VAP App setup as your Trigger and Ready to add Twilio as the Action.



Creating a Zap

Since there is No Data for Zapier to pull from until someone submits a Phone Number the Test will fail. Therefore you will need to Skip it.


Setting Up Call to Action

This shows how to set up the Call to Action Step for your Video Project.

If you do not want to rely on Visitor putting in their Phone Number to include their Country Code you can add it for them here.

This example shows what to do if you are expecting a Country Code of “1”.

With setting it up like you see here and someone enters in 7605551234 in opt-in box then 17605551234 is what will be sent off to trigger your SMS message.

If you expect them to include country code then leave Email Body field blank.


Anti-Spam Filter

As you go to test your Zap it is important to understand that there is an Anti-Spam filter in place.

What this means is a Phone Number will only trigger one time when entered into your opt-in box.

So if you wish to test your Zap more than once you will need to either use different phone numbers to enter into Opt-In Box or set up a different Video Project to test with.