ManyChat is a very versatile app that can used to add visitors be used in many ways to add subscribers to your list and create Bots to either email or send SMS messages. It can  also be used to send automated messages to subscribers through Social Media such as Facebook but not directly from VAP to Facebook. 

To get started with this you will need to open a ManyChat Account. As there is a free option to ManyChat, it will take a Paid Account to integrate with Zapier. 






Get ManyChat API Key

Settings > API > Generate API 






Anti-Spam Filter

As you go to test your Zap it is important to understand that there is an Anti-Spam filter in place.

What this means is a Phone Number will only trigger one time when entered into your opt-in box.

So if you wish to test your Zap more than once you will need to either use different phone numbers to enter into Opt-In Box or set up a different Video Project to test with.