1. Immediately – Video appears upon page load.
  2. Delay Timer – Delays Video appearing after page load. An Input Box to select the number of seconds will appear upon selection.
  3. Exit Pop – Video appears when movement is made to exit page

  1. Auto Play After Loading* – Video will start playing upon page load
  2. Play Once Per Visit – Video will appear first time page is loaded. It will not appear again until the visitor exits the website and then returns.
  3. Mute Sound of Video – Video will be muted upon appearing. The visitor must hover over the video to see the option to enable sound.
  4. Close After Play – Video will disappear when it finishes playing. Recommend you disable this option if using Countdown Timer.
  5. Blackout Mode – Darkens the entire webpage while the video is playing.
  6. Mobile Auto Play* – Video will start playing upon page load when viewing on a Mobile Device.

*Due to the nature of Browsers and Devices Videos may not autoplay 100% of the time when these options are enabled. Results will vary from browser to browser, site to site, device to device.