1. Website Demo – If Demo URL is active it will open up New Tab or Window using its Demo URL.
  2. Preview On This Page – Will play the video right there on your Home Page.
  3. Copy Demo Link – If Demo URL is active it will copy its URL to your clipboard.
  4. Master Demo Code – If Master Demo is active for this Project it will copy the iFrame code to your clipboard to be copied onto your Landing Page.

  1. If Demo URL is active it will display the Demo URL. The clipboard icon to the right will copy it to your clipboard.
  2. This is the script you will use to copy into the webpage that you want the video to appear on.


Tracks number of visitors that come to the page where the video is playing along with any Call to Action options you have enabled.

Creates a duplicate of your Video Project with all the exact same settings but once created it is a totally independent Project. Any changes made to either one will not affect the other one.

  1. Edit – Allows you to change any setting, configuration, or option you have in your video project. Any change made will instantly take effect on the Hosting website the moment you save your changes.
  2. Delete – Permanently removes the video project from your account. Once selected it can not be recovered.