What is a “Demo Link” and How Does it Work?

VAP offers two types of Demo links. Both work in the same way but are used in different ways. The regular Demo Link you can use to create a link pairing your video to most any website. When the link is put into your browser it shows your video playing over the top of that website even if it is not your website. Although the video itself can still be used with any website you place the script in.

The Master Demo link works much the same way only it takes a video you designate in your account and allows you to create multiple links on the fly to play over many different Websites.

Let say you are a marketer wanting to get some clients in the Pest Control industry. You can use one of the many Pest Control Demo Videos we provide you or create your own.  You then use that one video to pair it up with an unlimited number of Pest Control Business Websites. Next, email each one of these Pest Control Businesses the link matching their website where they will not only see your video, but they will see it playing over the top of their website. THAT will be an attention grabber for sure.

See Training Guide > Options for details.