Automatically Removes Green Chroma Key Background

Once you upload your video or select from one of the dozen of  Pre-Made Niche Market Videos we provide you, the green background will automatically be removed and made transparent. No extra or complicated editing software is needed. In some cases where the lighting was not the best when your video was made, we provide a means to eliminate any imperfections. This is very easily done with a few simple adjustments inside VAP.

Easily Adjust Size and Position

Easily adjust size and approximate position of how your video will appear on the page. These options do not affect viewing on a Smartphone. For those devices the video will always appear front and center and perfectly sized to fit the screen.

Call To Action Features

What makes VAP so versatile and powerful is its many different Call To Action Features and many different ways it can be used. 


VAP turbo charges  the tried and true Opt-In Box. VAP integrates with all major Auto Responders and gives them a fresh, rejuvenated look. You can capture any information you want, Name, email address, phone number, Social Media IDs, or any other data.


The Black Out is one of our more unique Call to Action features. When your video Avatar first appears the whole page blacks out, and your visitor cannot do anything on the site until your message has been delivered. Once the message has been delivered,  access to the page returns to normal. This powerful feature is extremely compelling when used properly and can really turbocharge the growth of your marketing list.


Using cursor tracking data, our intelligent software can detect when a visitor is about to leave your site before they take action. When a visitor comes to your page everything will appear as normal until they start to exit the page by moving their mouse to the top of the browser. At that time your Video Avatar springs to life. Not only does this capture their attention, but it’s a great way to get a last chance for a final pitch before they  leave your site.


The Clickable Button can be linked to a page with your phone number or special offer. There are many different ways to utilize this feature to increase your leads. The button can appear instantly as your spokesperson begins, or delayed so that the call to action appears at just the right moment.


The Date Countdown feature allows your special offer to expire on a specific date and time. Visual symbols like a countdown timer has been proven to raise the level of urgency and get your prospects to take the desired action.


Keep people on your site longer and ‘tease’ them with a discount code or special offer that is revealed when the Countdown Timer reaches zero. Capture your customer’s attention while they wait by having them check out your site.


VAP is designed with Zapier in mind. You can ask for their phone number and send them a text. Help you connect with your visitors on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other Social Media sites. The marketing and automation possibilities are only limited to your imagination!


By directly integrating Google Analytics into your projects it will allow you to effectively measure your Video Avatar’s performance on your site using real data that you can you can see and trust.

There will be no guess work or assumptions that Video Avatar Pro is working for you. You will know for certain.


We are always innovating and looking for new ideas to make Video Avatar Pro even better. We have several ideas already that we plan on implementing soon but we know we can’t think of everything. That is where we need your help. If you have an idea for a new feature by all means let us know. Open a support ticket and tell us what you have in mind. If we like it and it has merit we will put it on our TO-DO list.

Demo Avatar Video

We come to what may be the most powerful and unique feature that VAP offers from a marketing standpoint. There are actually two different types of Demo Videos features that can be used used to show prospective clients. 

One we call simply a Demo Link where you can create a link, put into your browser, and it will display your video over what ever Website you configured the project for.

The other type we call the Master demo link. To use this you simply designate one video in your account to be the Master Demo. VAP will provide you a short piece of code you will place on your own landing page. From there you or even visitors to your website can enter any website page and a link will be provided that will show the video on that website. 

The different ways this can be used is mind boggling. If you are confused as to how exactly this works it is better to show you. Click the button below which will take you through the simple steps to create your own demo. 


  • Play video Immediately upon opening page or time delay it.
  • Autoplay options for both Desktop and Smart Phone Viewing
  • Option to Play once per Visit to a site.
  • Option to Mute Audio by Default.
  • Video can Close or Stay on-site when it ends.
  • 100% White Label Video Marketing Solution.
  • Video always appears front and center when viewing on a Smart Phone.
  • Can Preview Video within your account or on a Website.
  • Can Duplicate Entire Video Projects.
  • Can Activate or Deactivate Video from playing.
  • Easily Upgrade or Downgrade your Video Avatar Pro Account.