What Makes Video Avatar Pro Different Than Other Video Apps?

There is no question that having a video on your website is one of the must have elements for any business. It has reached the point where you must have a video simple to stay even with your competitors.  VAP takes video to another level. It gives your website a 3D effect that other video apps simply can’t offer.

How Does Video Avatar Pro Work?

VAP moves away from the conventional method of showing videos by embedding it into a website and instead projects the video over the top of the webpage. This not only gives a 3D effect but allows the video to stay in front of the visitor as they scroll up and down your page.

Is it Difficult to Install Video Avatar Pro on a Web Page?

No, it could not be easier. The VAP provides you one small single line of code that you simply copy and paste into the body of your webpage. That’s it. You’re done.   

Can Video Avatar Pro be Used on All Types of Websites?

Yes. The only known exception to this is if the website does not use a SSL security certificate. In other words, the site must work with a URL that can start with HTTPS:// as opposed to just HTTP://.  If the your site does not use SSL, then for more reasons then I can list here I strongly suggest you rectify that. It can be done for less then $5.00/yr and most Hosting services now offer it for free and is automatically enabled when you host your site with them.  

What is a “Demo Link” and How Does it Work?

VAP offers two types of Demo links. Both work in the same way but are used in different ways. The regular Demo Link you can use to create a link pairing your video to most any website. When the link is put into your browser it shows your video playing over the top of that website even if it is not your website. Although the video itself can still be used with any website you place the script in.

The Master Demo link works much the same way only it takes a video you designate in your account and allows you to create multiple links on the fly to play over many different Websites.

Let say you are a marketer wanting to get some clients in the Pest Control industry. You can use one of the many Pest Control Demo Videos we provide you or create your own.  You then use that one video to pair it up with an unlimited number of Pest Control Business Websites. Next, email each one of these Pest Control Businesses the link matching their website where they will not only see your video, but they will see it playing over the top of their website. THAT will be an attention grabber for sure.


Does the “Demo Link” Play Over All Websites?

For the most part yes. This even includes sites like Amazon or eBay. The one type of site the Demo Link will not work on (or the script as mentioned in an earlier question) is a Non-SSL site. It will not work on these type of sites because a Non-SSL site can not really communicate with an SSL site. 

What Type of Video Does Video Avatar Pro Require?

If you want to make your own custom video to use in VAP it must be rendered in MP4 and using what we call Chroma Key, or Green Screen effect.

Where do I Go to Get My Own Custom Green Screen Videos Made?

If you feel you need something beyond the dozens of videos we provide you there are a few options. To get both the Green Screen video made along with a Professional Actor to make the video for you I would suggest looking at Fiverr.com. We offer more details on this in our Private Members area.

Is Getting a Custom Green Screen Video With a Professional Actor Expensive?

No not at all. To hire a very good Professional Actor to create a one-minute video, you can expect to pay around $50 to $100.  We offer more details on this in our Private Members area.

Can I get Green Screen Videos of Myself or With My Clients in Them Done For Me?

Yes of course.  We offer more details on this in our Private Members area.

Can VAP be used in Affiliate or Network Marketing?

Actually yes. We have come up with some rather interesting strategies on how VAP can be used in Affiliate and Network Marketing. Details are in our Private Members area.

Will Video Avatar Pro Work With Animated Characters?

Yes, if it is rendered in MP4 format and has a Green Screened background it will work.

How Long Can My Video Be?

Maximum time is three minutes?

Does Video Avatar Pro Work on All Browsers?

It has been tested and found to work on all major brands people use such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. 

The one possible exception to this would be Internet Explorer.  This is because of the advanced technology used to make VAP work simply is not supported in IE. 

Statistics show that now less than 2% of people still use IE and Microsoft is quickly phasing it out in favor of Edge. 

For us to make VAP work in IE we would have to “dumb it down” to a point where it possibly could have affected its performance in other browsers. A sacrifice we were not willing to make for the sake of outdated technology that is already being pushed out the door.

Does Video Avatar Pro Slow Down Page Load Speed?

From tests I have ran I found that page load speed is slightly effected but not as much as it is with an embedded YouTube video.  

Here are the results I came up with testing it on a Test WordPress site residing on a cheap shared hosting service giving us the worst case scenario. Overall load speed is not impressive but the differential is what is important.  

Web Page w/No Video Loaded:
Score 92
Load Time 6.8345 s

Same Web Page w/Video Avatar Pro Loaded:
Score 89
Load Time 7.6456 s

Same Web Page w/Embedded YouTube Video:
Score 88
Load Time 8.851 s

Do I Need to Pay Extra For an “Agency” or “Developer” License?

No. VAP as it stands, is totally white labeled. That means there is nothing in our script, links, or emails sent out from our application that will give your prospects or clients any clue leading them back to us.

They might hear about us through other means, but we have no control over that.

Unlike most other services you might use, the white labeling they call an “Agency” or “Developer” license comes at no extra charge.  

What is Our Refund Policy?

We offer a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee.  Details on this can be found on our Refund Policy Page.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Content of the Videos?

Nothing more then what common decency dictates. We will not condone VAP being used for nudity, pornography, or anything showing the exploitation of anyone or anything. Also, we will not condone blatant and obvious hate speech.  We will shut down your account immediately and without warning if we find you using it in this manner.

This policy will be guided by common sense and decency.

How Easy is it to Create a Video Project?

STEP 1: Select Video You Want to Use or Upload Your Own.

STEP 2: Choose Your Call to Action

STEP 3: Choose Your Video Play Options

STEP 4: Adjust Size and Position of Your Video

STEP 5: Name Your Project, Save and You Are DONE!

STEP 1: Select Video You Want to Use or Upload Your Own.

STEP 2: Choose Your Call to Action

STEP 3: Choose Your Video Play Options

STEP 4: Adjust Size and Position of Your Video

STEP 5: Name Your Project, Save and You Are DONE!