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There’s NOTHING more frustrating than a looooong turn around time to get the results your clients are looking for your marketing agency clients. 


YOU know that marketing is a process. A journey & not a sprint… And yet, they STILL expect results to magically appear… in a TikTok minute!


If only there was a crazy simple to use AND effective tool to showcase your superpowers and grab their attention for proof… leading to more long term relationships {& the projects you reaaaally want!}

Welcome to your new secret weapon

The Video Marketing App by Video Avatar Pro…that easily adds additional revenue stream with Flexible~For~YOU Uses.


*Huge Exhale* What a relief, right?!


In fact, our app is SO easy to use, that with a very short learning curve, you and your team will have the potential to turn around & test out various ideas & versions within minutes!

Quick Turnaround = Less Time for Implementation Team = Decrease Expenses = More Clients = High {Unique!} Revenue Stream for Your Agency

Undeniably, a ridiculous WIN for everybody! {And really, this is just plain fun!}


Okay, let’s cut to the chase… Here’s a quick overview of how it works…



Once you login and locate the “Create” option in the top menu you simply select one of over 250+ pre-made evergreen videos ready to go or upload your own custom made video. Your choice!



Choose Your Call to Action. Show a clickable button, a count down timer, ask for an email address, phone number, social media ID, or any other information you want to gather. Then send the input to an auto-responder, or directly to your email box. 



Choose from a variety of different video play options such as auto play, play only once per visit, blackout mode and more. Whatever best suits you!



Adjust the size and position where you want your video to appear on the screen.



Name your project, save it, and you are ready you are ready to start showcasing to your prospects.

So… How about some examples of

HOW your agency can use your new Super Tool?

{Yes please!} Here you go…

#1 ~ Lightning Fast Turnaround Using Pre-made Evergreen Videos Provided in Your Account

Using our existing database of Pre-Made, Evergreen Videos

Fair Market Value to Charge Client: $500

 Pro: Lightning fast turnaround

Con: Not customized for a specific business

Best Uses: Entry level, get in the door, quick demo, industry general clients, easy revenue boost, break into a new~for~you vertical, etc

#2 ~ Medium {Customized} Turnaround

Use 3rd party {Fiverr, UpWork, etc} to hire a professional spokesperson ~> upload the video to your Video Avatar Pro account & away you go!

Fair Market Value to Charge Client: $800-$1000

Pro: Customized script, more creative control, done in a few days by a Professional Actor/Actress(cost $50-$150)

Con: hmm…??? We can’t really find one, unless you want a same-day turnaround

Best Uses: Using a site like Fiverr you can find highly Professional Actor and Actresses that will take your script and turn it into a high quality video for your client.

3~ Ultimate Client Customization {aka high revenue!}

Use a greenscreen to shoot your own video {client as spokesperson option!} ~> upload the video to your Video Avatar Pro account & away you go!

Fair Market Value to Charge Client: $1600++++

Pro: Ultimate creative control!

Con: Access to Greenscreen equipment and Camera

Best Uses: Can accommodate High Competition Prospects and high end clients that want to be their own Spokesperson.


Starting to see how this could be a Game Changer for YOUR Agency?!

{Yup, we get it!} Really… you’re only limited by your team’s creativity! Especially when it comes to some pretty well known, high converting, flexible~to~you features, including…

Opt~In Box ~ capture any information you want, name, email address, phone number, social media IDs, etc

Black Out, Exit Pop, Clickable Button, Day / Hours / Minutes Countdown, Wait for {special offer}… Countdown Timer, Zapier Integration!, Built in Tracking, and More!

Pretty cool, right?!

Yup, here they are…

Answers to some Questions

already on your mind!


We love all of your questions. Here are some common ones.. so you know how to answer your very demanding (in a good way!) team {or boss}…

Does this Integrate with Google Analytics?

Absolutely! You will have the ability to integrate each video project directly into your Google Analytics dashboard and configure and monitor the data from there.

What niche video avatars are ready to go?

Here’s just a sample to give you an idea! Start your $1 Trial & see for yourself. Use these evergreen videos for your existing clients OR break into a new niche, lightning fast…

~ Health & Wellness {Yoga, Fitness Gym / Trainer, Laser Eye & Cosmetic Surgery}

~ Residential {Real Estate, Architect, Water Restoration, Plumber, Roofer/Repair, Landscaping, Pest Control, Locksmith, Remodeling, Cleaning, etc}

 ~ Personal Financial {4 Attorney Types, Credit Repair, CPA/Accountant, Financial Planner, 

~ Personal {Dentist, Vet, Day/Child Care, Restaurant, Life Coach, Weight Loss, Marriage Counselor, Dog Training, Florist, etc}

 ~ Digital Marketing {YES!! Check out these ready to go for YOU options}

SMM, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn Marketing

Profiting with Facebook {specific, Yes, ready to go right now for you!}

Email, Video, & PPC Marketing

List Building {!}

Membership Site

ECommerce Software


*Yup, we’ll get you off to a great start. The refreshing news is that as you grow, you can customize your own at any time!

Does This only work with green screen videos?


Can we have multiple avatars on a website {different pages}?

YES! Just insert the custom code for a different avatar on the page you want. Done!

What are the CTA options?

Opt-In Form

Button {just add link!} ~ ex… special offer landing, contact, order page, etc! Yes Button text is editable

Exit Pop

Blackout mode

Date Countdown

Countdown timer

Direct Zapier integration

Can this boost marketing automation?

Absolutely! In addition to integrating with all major Auto Responders, VAP can connect to Manychat as well as about 1500+ other apps using the power of  Zapier to do all kinds of things. In the training guide we personally wrote, we show how to link to a few common Zapier apps to show how it is done.

Check out these Success Stories!

I love using Video Avatar Pro because I can see that people are staying on my pages longer and converting into sales.

It allows me to interact with my potential clients like I never thought possible.

I am looking forward to customizing them for more websites.

Robert Bernard


As a marketer, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and cutting-edge technology to increase engagement and conversions for my sites and my clients. Video Avatar Pro does that.

If you want to stand out in today’s online arena, I highly suggest you use Video Avatar Pro.

Courtney Kostelecky


I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them grow their ecomm business and I’ve seen lots of software that claims to do what Video Avatar Pro does. The difference is that Video Avatar Pro actually works and there is nothing else that comes close to how professional it looks on your site. Forget all those other cheesy video overlays you’ve seen before. This is the real deal that will make your website even better at lead gen. It’s worth every penny and won’t break the bank.

Joshua Writer

So if this is Your Digital Marketing Agency…!

~ It would be amazing to have a turn key revenue stream!

~ I’m itching for a visual “foot in the door” strategy to show prospective clients.

~ I’d love a new & fresh product to offer my clients.

~ If only we had a magic wand to decrease bounce rates!

~ I’m craving something unique to help me stand out from my competitors.

~ I need a new and better lead generation strategy.

~ I’d love a quick turnaround way to break into a new vertical.

~ I’m ready to try something new!


That Works Best For You!


$99.95/YR $59.50/MO


$999.50/YR $599.50/YR

   Videos for up to 3 Minutes in Length

    Create Up To 50 Video Projects *

    All Major Auto-Responders Supported

    Send Leads Direct to Your Email Box

    Ability to Integrate with Zapier

    Multiple Play Options

    Multiple Call To Action Features

    Access to Over 250 Pre-Made Videos


* – Require More? CONTACT US for Special Pricing Options

    Adjust the Position and Size on Page

    Auto Adjust for Smart Phone Viewing

    Demo Video Over Almost Any Website

    100% White Labeled Solution

    Exclusive Access Private Facebook Group

    No Long Term Contract Required

    Cancel At Anytime

    Price Lock In Guaranteed

In fact, we’re So Committed to YOUR success that we’re throwing in this Free Bonus, when you start your $1 Trial today.


whaT to fast track your success?


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It’s Your Time. Let’s Do This.

So the only question I have left for you is…


We do not believe in coincidences. You’re here for a reason.

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